A HOCRA is the official member of FISO Fédération Internationale de Sport d’Obstacles!

Why was HOCRA founded?

Hungarian OCR Association HOCRA

Who loves the challanges, adventures, extremities and would like to try them in races or championships
look for HOCRA (HOCRA) to support with events, trainings and media.

Why to choose us

The HOCRA were established for the people. For loving sport and challenges. manage trainings, clubs, events, media and many different requests.

We are to help to find a proper trainer or training, giving tips for international races, events in OCR, trail running, and similar sports.

We represent the health, the life and the values of the SPORT everywehere and everytime!

Year by year we manage different races and venues for different demands.

Short or long distance, easy or hard courses - you will find every aspect of your needs.

Is your goal to have a National Champions title? Ask the HOCRA how could you reach your goals!

The OCR is a very special sport with wide palette of requirements. The HOCRA are to support your traing program with special camps, trainings and support.

The HOCRA's registration is progress for the international organizations. First of all: IOSF, the International Obstacle Sports Federation. Moreover we build the relationship for the regional and national federations, unions, events and clubs.

The HOCRA represents its members in national and international media, help to have a publications of HOCRA's members, competitors and coaches. Also support its members with sponsorship.

The HOCRA helps to organize and manage sport events, races and championships.

If you are committed to help the hungarian OCR sports we are your partner - BUILD THE FUTURE TOGETHER.

Off-road is our new paths , the obstacles are our strengths.

Hungarian OCR Association


In the obstacle running
most important are the experience and atmosphere

Professional background

Background form the multisports
for those who are serious about it


The experience of the OCR should be attractive
even those who have not known it so far


National and international events,
trainings, races

Difficulty does not hinder progress The obstacles will help you get ahead

Hungarian OCR Association

The HOCRA team

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GOAL of HOCRA Colorful, fun, adventurous events and tournaments, the more people!

Facts and numbers

> 10 events per year
> 32 clubs, teams
> 40M steps in year
> 30M training minutes

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